For over twenty years, Monu have used their experience of blending high quality natural ingredients to secure their position at the forefront of professional beauty, for this reason we use and are suppliers of Monu skincare products. For recommendations on which treatments are suitable for your skin type please select your skin type below...


  Mini Facial


Your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated followed by the application of a suitable mask and treatment cream. A perfect facial for those times when time is tight, or for prior to a special occassion or application of make up.

Prescription Facial

For a relaxing experience with a luxurious massage... The very best in personalised facial treatments allowing all skin problems to be targetted. A gentle treatment perfect for hypersensitive skins.
Ampoule Facial
As for our Prescription facial but with an added intense skin boost, leaving your skin feeling fresh, and rejuvenated.

Active Collagen Facial

  The ultimate hydrating facial...This anti ageing treatment focusses on the application of a 99% Collagen Veil which delivers a burst of moisture whilst plumping lines and wrinkles. Outstanding calming and soothing benefits. The perfect treat for the eye area with test results proving an increase in moisture content of up to 75% after one treatment and as much as a 40% reduction in wrinkle depth after a course of six treatments.

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